StraightForward Services

With over a dozen years of experience and as BPM professionals, we know how limited your time can be and how challenging meeting the day to day demands are. We developed several affordable and practical workshops and mentoring services to help kick-start your initiatives. Beyond these pre-packaged services, please contact us for a discussion and quote for Custom Workshops, Custom Training and other Consultative Services.

Packaged Services

1. Process Prioritization Assessment

Need help determining which processes to focus, how to prioritize your initiatives and or help making the business case for BPMS?  This service includes proven techniques for performing data gathering and data analysis of up to 10 business processes. We perform cost, benefit and risk analysis. A final report is delivered providing a clear understanding of potential return on investment and which processes are the best candidates for initial implementation and which will deliver the greatest returns for the cost and risk factors involved.

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2. BPM Project Kick-Start  
Make your first project a success and establish repeatable methods for future projects. Getting your first BPMS project off that ground can be challenging. More than likely, your team will be learning not only new technology but new methods for designing and delivering applications, dealing with the organizational change that comes with BPMS projects and gathering information from numerous stakeholders and process participants. Hire a seasoned Business Analyst with specialization in BPMS projects to help you define your team, plan your project and provide methods and mentoring as you implement your first project. We use proven templates and tools for communication and project plans, gathering of as-is and to-be process information, definition of to-be process requirements and help you manage the interaction between IT and your business team.

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3. BPMS Vendor Selection  
No two organizations are alike and neither are their needs when it comes to a BPMS vendor. With numerous products available, it can be challenging to select the right software tool(s). Based on your organizations size, budget, technical skills and development language preferences, software development methodology, existing business systems, industry and other factors, we can provide guidance and an objective approach to vendor selection. In addition, our graphical scoring and analysis methods score multi-dimensional requirements and clearly help to communicate outcome. 

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